Three years ago, the STEP Project scholars decided to create this conference with the purpose of sharing knowledge, research ideas, insights and best practices generated through the Project, since its beginnings in 2006.

Daniel Haime


3rd genereation entrepreneur. He is the businessman who is behind projects like La Felicidad, Grasco, Dersa, Indupalma and Serena del Mar.

Businesses in:

  • Industry
  • Agro-industrial investments
  • Real estate development
  • Philantropy

María Alejandra Vélez

Associate Professor, School of Management. Ph.D. in Resource Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Former postdoc at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) at Columbia University, 2006-2008. Professor of courses in Introduction to Behavioral Science in the Ph.D. program, Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resources Economics in the Master of Environmental Management (MGA), Behavior and Development in the Master of Development Practice (MDP), and Management of Public Affairs at the undergraduate level.

Submit your proposal

Interested scholars should submit a 3 page proposal (excluding references, tables, figures and diagrams). Submitted proposals should include:

  1. A 150 word abstract
  2. Introduction (focused on the importance/contribution of the research)
  3. Abbreviated literature review
  4. Summary of hypotheses and findings, theory development, analysis, teaching process and outcomes, research propositions or other appropriate research outcomes.

Proposals should be submitted as a PDF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . As part of the submission process, submitters should indicate their preferences for their top three modes of sharing their research taken from the list below.

  • Traditional paper session
  • Poster Session
  • Roundtable discussion (similar methods)
  • Roundtable discussion (similar topics)
  • Developmental Session (feedback from senior scholars)

Important dates (2018)

  • 4th March
    Call for Proposals – Submission process open
  • 4th March
    Conference registration open
  • 29th April
    Deadline for Submission
  • 17th June
    Acceptance decisions and feedback
  • 15th July
    Deadline for reduced fee registration
  • 19th August
    Final Conference schedule including individual time slots
  • 16th September
    Deadline for registration
  • 18th – 20th October
    Conference Dates
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